Monday, June 20, 2016

Why student face Rejection of dissertations which are prepared by content writing Agencies?

The major reason behind the rejection of the thesis work prepared by the student is the lack of professional guidance and poor writing services. According to some surveys in certain universities, the rate of rejection of PhD thesis ranges from 10 – 12% of the aspirants for every submission.
The efforts put in by the students in preparing the write ups go in vain mostly because they do not get proper dissertation writing service.
A lot of agencies just hire normal content writers or other word we can say academic writers to write the PhD thesis writing or dissertation writing and they are unable to clarify the doubts and topics like the experienced PhD holder professors.
These days with the advancement of the technology, students apply to get the dissertations help over the internet and when the firms that provides these services receives such applications they appoint their developer to send the writings to the students but these developers are not well qualified to provide solutions to the problems and hence the writing work never gets completed successfully.
When we talk about the dissertation writing service, one must always prefer the guidance of a PhD holder in place of some other writers because he has the complete knowledge of the subject and can supervise the student more effectively. In comparison to the content or academic writers a PhD holder writer can provide real help for the editing of the dissertation writing service.
Also, before submitting the dissertations, thorough editing has to be done or else students also end up losing the important content. For this proper Dissertation editing services are required from a specialized firm that has a qualified and experienced staff of PhD holder that can guide and solve the problems with due diligence.

A PhD holder professor can only provide with expert advice and support and also other kinds of help and assistance needed to the students in Dissertation writing service or dissertation research. He is the ultimate supervisor when we compare him with other writers.

If a PhD holder writer has a vast experience in the subject, it becomes an icing on the cake for the aspirant as then the chances of the dissertation and being rejected by the university is minimum. He molds the students in such a great manner that failure stays away from him and usually his works are accepted in the first go and no re-submission is required at all.